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Bioretention-12ft-Whole ALUM-F2F4F2

Bioretention Planters, Aluminum

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Kitsap Aluminum Modular Planter Walls

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Boulevard Planter with Laser-Cut Screen

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Wilshire Planters, Powder-Coated Steel Rectangle & Square

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Kitsap Steel Modular Planter Walls

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Wilshire Planters, Powder-Coated Aluminum Rectangle & Square

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Commercial Metal Planter Materials

We use several types of metal for planter boxes, so you can choose the one that’s best for your commercial location. Below, you can learn more about available metals and preview some of the colors, styles, and product options you can select for each.

Powder-Coated Steel Planters

Our large steel planter boxes, including the powder-coated steel option for our Wilshire Collection, are made of mild steel with a zinc-rich primer and a stainless steel base. The 12-gauge steel base of these square planters and rectangular planters is engineered to resist deformation. The included powder-coat works with the zinc-rich primer to reduce rusting.

Our powder-coated steel planters are available in more than 20 colors, including:

Brilliant Blue


Here’s a complete list of the colors and finishes available for Wilshire and some of our other steel plant pots. You can also use the sample request form here to receive our powder-coat swatch book, which provides true-to-color swatches that accurately demonstrate how these colors will appear when the planters are in place.

Powder-Coated Aluminum Planters

Powder-coated aluminum is available for several planters we carry, including the square planters and rectangle planters that are part of the Wilshire Collection and our Bioretention Planter. We use 100% recyclable marine-grade aluminum to make these planters.

Our Wilshire Aluminum Planters have the same strength as their steel counterpart but weigh 40% to 60% less. This collection and the other aluminum planters we sell are laser-cut and welded for consistent thickness and edge detail at any scale.

Like the other metals we offer, our aluminum planters have numerous custom product options. Meet the site-specific needs of your aluminum planters with customizations, such as:

  • Irrigation systems: Our premium container irrigation systems are designed to fit virtually any planter shape and size and are equipped with our proprietary moisture sensor that helps control the moisture levels in the soil. An additional advantage of working with Tournesol is that we provide installation support. Contact us to learn about our comprehensive self-watering systems and how they work.
  • Drain holes: Our planters are made-to-order, so we can install drainage holes how you like, including choice of size, quantity, and position. We also produce these planters without holes for no additional cost.
  • Casters: Our extra-light aluminum planters can be delivered with recessed casters built into reinforced raised bottoms and hidden under skirted planter walls. Our recessed casters provide discreet mobility and are available as an option for many of our planter collections.
    • Note: Casters add .5” to the planter height and reduce soil depth by 5”. Discuss planter heights with a Tournesol Advisor when specifying casters.
  • TourneSeal: If you need your commercial outdoor planters to be watertight, specify TourneSeal, our waterproofing solution. This is highly recommended for planters that will not have drain holes. We apply TourneSeal to our FRP, GFRC, and steel products upon request. 
  • Accessory pockets: On many of our small and large commercial planters, you can add pockets to accommodate lighting, audio, power, and data. We have Standard Accessory Pockets and Custom Accessory Pockets available. Learn more in our Accessory Pocket Application guide and connect with a Tournesol Advisor for assistance.

We can provide additional customization choices not listed above to meet your exact needs. If you are interested in off-menu options, please contact our Advisors to discuss your options. You may be surprised how far we can go to customize your planter.

Weathering Steel Planters

Weathering steel is an option for our large outdoor planters like the Kitsap Steel Modular Planter Walls. It is also available for the Wilshire Collection.

Weathering steel is more resistant to atmospheric corrosion than other steel. A protective layer is formed on its surface to fend off corrosion. Weathering Steel oxidizes from a vibrant orange to a deep red-orange or darker brown color. Its warm industrial aesthetic is a favorite of many landscape architects.

While the initial rust patina develops within weeks, complete rusting may take years to advance. The uniformity of the rust finish and rate of rust formation varies considerably based on environmental conditions, including humidity, salt (seashore), and temperature elements at the installation location.

Our weathering steel products are A588 and A606 grade. They are shipped unweathered with the natural mill scale finish. The presence of scale will affect how the weather changes the look. The steel can rust to form the patina layer protecting the surface. Patina develops and regenerates continuously. All rust is water-soluble.

Questions about Our Metal Planters? We’re Here to Help

We have products designed and engineered to make the best metal planters for outdoor use in your commercial spaces. Contact us about your plans and discover how we can help furnish your perfect order. Take advantage of custom sizes, product accessory options, and other enhancements that create fully custom planters.

Our team is standing by to answer any initial questions you may have about our metal planters before completing your order. We can review the conditions of your outdoor spaces and recommend the best metal for your project. We will also recommend the options likely to save you the most time and money in maintenance.

Are you looking for an alternative to metal commercial planters? We carry a variety of other commercial-grade planters, including high-quality fiberglass planters, lightweight concrete planters, thermally modified wood planters, and more.

Check out our complete selection of planters here.

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