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Commercial Trellises & Planter Screens

Elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor spaces with vine-covered planters featuring built-in trellises. Tournesol offers a range of options to add vertical elements, break up horizontal lines, and create visually stunning trellis walls.

Explore our signature Wilshire Planters with Greenscreen Trellis and Boulevard Planters with Greenscreen Trellis, available in various easy-to-install sizes for both interior and exterior use. These planters bring together form and function seamlessly.

For added versatility, our Wilshire and Boulevard planters also come with laser-cut screens in steel and aluminum. Create privacy, protect against strong winds or intense sunlight, and enhance your space with customized trellis and laser-cut screens featuring your artwork or logo.

Choose from a variety of materials, including wood, steel, aluminum, and lightweight GFRC concrete, to suit your specific needs. Our planters with trellis and laser-cut screens are perfect for blocking unwanted views, screening building equipment, and enhancing industrial buildings. They also create private spaces in restaurants and elevate outdoor seating on busy streets.

Discover the countless ways to incorporate trellis designs into your outdoor commercial spaces and multi-family developments. From freestanding trellis to corner trellis, vegetable trellis, and planter screen trellis, Tournesol brings nature to urban spaces with style and functionality.

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Greenscreen Joins Tournesol

Welcome to Tournesol! Greenscreen® was acquired by Tournesol, enabling a mutual expansion of product offerings with integrated and innovative solutions for green infrastructure and urban greening.