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Fountain Park at Playa Vista

Playa Vista, CA

The niche neighborhood of Playa Vista holds a wealth of opportunities to commune with nature, and Fountain Park at Playa Vista is no exception. Its proximity to Ballona Wetlands trailheads and a well-maintained courtyard create an atmosphere that supports biodiversity and provides biophilic benefits to users of this space. At the heart of the courtyard stands a unique Greenscreen® trellis installation designed to create shade cover year-round and a vibrant, colorful palette during the spring and summer seasons.

The Greenscreen® trellis panels, a key feature of the pergola structure, were designed by EDAW, now part of AECOM, and installed by Brightview (Valley Crest at the time). The trellis panels add a calm atmosphere in the park and create shade, contributing beauty and peace to the environment. The landscape design includes Chinese wisteria and royal trumpet vines that wrap up, around, and over the shade structure. This feature enhances the comfort of the space by cooling the area and aligns with the sustainable design principles that developers and community members value.

Functional and visually appealing, this trellis installation consists of tapered overhead panels mounted into a structural steel frame and custom column surrounds. With this design, vines grow from the ground to the overhead shade structure, creating a lush and colorful semicircular pergola. The overhead trellises provide dappling shade, a clear view of the fountain and tree-lined community space, and scenery that residents, businesses, and visitors can all benefit from and enjoy.

Fountain Park at Playa Vista project is an excellent example of landscape and architecture converging to create design solutions that combat urban heat islands and contribute to stormwater management—quintessential parts of sustainable community spaces.

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