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How Commercial Bench Seating Transforms Commercial Spaces

Commercial benches are among the most versatile and space-efficient seating options for nearly every outdoor or commercial environment. Spaces that benefit from commercial benches and outdoor seating include outdoor courtyards, amenity decks, outdoor shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, waiting areas, parks, and transit stations.

Commercial bench seating comes in many shapes and forms. Tournesol Siteworks thoughtfully designed selections will suit all your needs for modularity and scalability. Our product line of benches includes classic wood and iron benches, circular planter benches, modular systems, cantilever options, and more.

Explore our entire range of commercial bench seating, features, materials, surface finishes, accessories, and other products for architects, landscape architects, and landscape contractors.

Our products allow you to enhance your outdoor spaces with commercial-quality and aesthetically appealing seating options.

Why Choose Tournesol Siteworks for Commercial Benches?

Founded in the US, Tournesol develops and manufactures its product range with beauty and durability in mind. We cater to the creative and practical needs of architects, landscape architects, and landscape contractors, with full respect towards their own creativity and design.

Tournesol has years of experience crafting modern, commercial outdoor benches and other outdoor furnishings. That experience has given our designers and builders a unique perspective on the needs of outdoor spaces, such as schools, college campuses, parks, corporate campuses, and other high-traffic spaces.

Tournesol is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As such, we are currently working on Environmental Product Declarations for our site furnishings, aiming to become a more sustainable manufacturing business by using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing methods.

Our products are durably made and specifically designed to withstand the stresses faced by outdoor furniture. They are made of quality materials such as steel, lightweight concrete, and a variety of wood options, including thermally modified wood. The modular design allows you to create more lively environments and revitalize your outdoor spaces, transforming them into engaging social hubs.

Tournesol’s commercial benches come in a variety of designs, material selections, and finishes. We manufacture modular benches with or without arms and backrests, with surface-mount, freestanding, or embed-mounted seating options. Our fabrication capabilities allow us to alter the predetermined design to better suit the needs of our customers' projects.

In addition to seating solutions, we offer products that complement our benches, like planters in a variety of shapes and sizes, irrigation systems, and drainage control, as well as high-top and low-top cafe tables.


Beyond Benches and Seating Solutions

The outdoor space aesthetics and seating solutions highlighted above are part of our larger portfolio of products we manufacture to help you maximize your spaces. As a premier provider of site furnishings, Tournesol Siteworks also offers customizable Greenscreen® products that allow for guided vegetational growth.

Our modular trellis system supports vine growth and helps reduce the overall temperature of buildings, which can conserve energy usage by decreasing the need for air conditioning. Greenscreen® wall-mounted trellis panels can also transform dull and unattractive building facades into vibrant, living surfaces.

Greenscreen® trellis panels are customizable, allowing the innovative system to form columns, fencing, overhead, infill, and wall-mounted trellises, including panels mounted to planters. No matter which trellis application, each will capture plant material to create vibrant, vine-covered surfaces and spaces. We offer custom fabrication and standard sizes for Greenscreen® trellises, and engineered accessories that hold the trellis off the building surface and support the growing vegetation weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding our commercial benches:

Tournesol Siteworks’ commercial outdoor benches and other outdoor furnishings are made from a variety of materials, including lightweight concrete, powder coat steel, high-quality solid wood, and recycled plastics. Our site furnishings in the above-mentioned materials include backless benches, commercial park benches, heavy-duty seating solutions, and surface-mount seating options.

Tournesol provides only the highest-quality products of exceptional durability. Each product's longevity relies on the quality of the building materials used in its construction, the finishing texture and color, and external factors, such as weather and exposure to the elements. These considerations are why we manufacture our products out of steel, concrete, and plastic, all known for their long-lasting qualities.

Yes, Tournesol offers a wide range of customization options for our products. Depending on the type of material, customers can choose the texture and color of pieces made of lightweight concrete, as well as textures and colors of powder-coated steel and wood benches. Other customization options might be model-specific, like benches with or without a backrest or armrest, and accessory pockets for lighting, audio, power, and data.

Tournesol provides care and maintenance resources with its products. But as a good rule of thumb, you can clean the metal and concrete products using mild soap/detergent, water, and a soft bristle brush. Wood can be pressure-washed or washed using a nylon brush with soap and water. However, it’s important to rinse the wooden surfaces with clean water and let them dry naturally.

Yes, Tournesol Siteworks provides a three-year limited warranty to the initial purchaser of its products. Under this warranty, it will provide product repairs or replacements for products that contain defective materials or workmanship. The limited warranty, however, doesn’t include those parts that fall under standard regular maintenance and/or are subject to periodic replacement.

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More Questions About Our Commercial Bench Seating?

Do you have additional questions about our commercial bench seating or other products, such as outdoor site furnishings, commercial planters, or questions about Greenscreen® products? Our team would love to talk to you about how we can transform your outdoor commercial space.

Our team has experience with all kinds of commercial bench seating styles, including their installation. Contact us to get your project started now.

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Greenscreen Joins Tournesol

Welcome to Tournesol! Greenscreen® was acquired by Tournesol, enabling a mutual expansion of product offerings with integrated and innovative solutions for green infrastructure and urban greening.