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345 4th St., San Francisco - Custom Kitsap Steel Walls & Benches, Credit Jett Landscape Architecture & Design edit21920

Kitsap is a modular metal planter wall system that allows designers to sculpt unique spaces.

Kitsap can be built in weathering steel (Corten), or powder-coated mild steel with a zinc-rich primer. The customizable solution can fit any application.

A kit of parts - with unlimited potential.


Simplistic by design, Tournesol has created a kit-of-parts to help get you started. To download, visit our CAD & Models page and use the drop-down menus to select Pots & Planters and Kitsap, then download the ‘Kitsap Kit-of-Parts.’


You can use plans and drawings of any kind to start your project, and a Tournesol Advisor will connect with you to discuss details. Set length, height, angles, and curves to suit your plans. Refer to the information below to guide you and check in with one of our Tournesol representatives.


If you prefer, you may choose to start with your plans and elevation drawings. Tournesol Advisors are happy to provide planning and specifying assistance, and can review your plans at any point in the development process.


Let's get started.

Meet with one of our product experts.

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