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We are currently monitoring our Scope I and Scope II emissions and developing a process to better understand our Scope III impacts. As we work through a Life Cycle Analysis of each of our materials, we’ll be able to better provide Environmental Product Declarations to our customers. Manufacturing products with superior quality and materials leads to longevity of use, and we’re striving to be an industry leader! We will continue to report on our progress with annual sustainability reports starting in 2024.



Our products enhance the projects they are used in, and we’re dedicated to providing value to our customers – in both craftsmanship and construction. Approximately 80% of our production occurs in North America, with locally sourced material where possible. Like our manufacturing processes, we continue working our supply chain to minimize our impact.



Tournesol embraces our corporate responsibility to our employees and our communities - to do what is good and right to the best of our ability. We’ve traditionally done well for our employees, as we carefully measure employee satisfaction surveys for our operations team and our business team members. However, we know we can do better and strive for a culture of continuous improvement in safety and employee well-being. Our community outreach is now coming into focus and will be an essential part of our future activities.

These three areas of focus – environmental, economic, and social – are mutually reinforced. In 2023, we added sustainability as one of our top initiatives and formed a cross-functional committee to work on establishing goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and incorporating them into our long-term corporate plans. We look forward to updating all our key stakeholders on our progress as we evolve.

Let's work together for a better future.