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Designing outdoor communal spaces for people to experience life can be a monumental task that requires expertise and the right products to support it.

One must factor in an endless number of influences and circumstances. Traffic, noise, sun, shade, accessibility, and activities are just a few. Layer on the functional needs of the space: gathering, working, lounging, eating, and playing - and the picture starts to come into focus. Next comes understanding all the infrastructure needs, hardscaping, amenity stations, irrigation, drainage, etc. Will the space require a combination of hard and soft areas? Are there businesses adjacent to consider? Is this space public or private? Will pets be using the space? Establishing the scope is a tall order, and selecting the right products to support a communal space requires significant expertise. Tournesol’s spacemaking products are specifically designed to support the functionality of communal environments without compromising style.  



Classic planters fit into any plan.

Meet Wilshire

950 Market Serif Kitsap1920x932


Modular metal walls that rise to the occasion.

Meet Kitsap



Fun & functional platforms, benches, planters.

Meet Paso

Boulevard Firepit planters


Warm wood cladding and simplistic design.

Meet Boulevard