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For wall-mounted applications, budget $22 to $26 per square foot for materials only and based on standard 4′ wide panels and 5132R or 5132G mounting clips. ​

For fencing applications, budgetary pricing is based on a continuous 50 linear foot run of panels using 4' wide panels vertically or 8′ wide panels horizontally.​ Panel orientation refers to truss direction.​

Budgetary cost with posts placed at 52″ O.C.:

  • 4′ to 8’ high screen with posts set at 52″ on center = $185 – $275 per linear foot​

Budgetary costs with posts placed at 100″ O.C.:

  • 4′ to 8’ high screen with posts set at 100″ on center = $125 – $210 per linear foot​

Budgetary pricing does not include the cost of installation, wall anchors, plant material, packaging, freight, tax, shop drawings, or engineering fees.​

Enhanced powder coating for coastal zone locations is available at an additional cost. ​

A 50% deposit payable by check or credit card is required to begin fabrication, and the balance is due before shipping. Credit terms may be granted by application only for larger projects.

All Greenscreen panels are made to order.​ Lead times are as follows: 

  • 4 – 8 weeks for fabrication after all approvals and receipt of deposit​ or longer depending on size and complexity of order
  • 2 – 4 weeks for shop drawings, submittals, drawing completion, reviews, and approvals, but can vary depending on the quality of information available
  • 2 – 7 business days for shipping to the continental U.S. and Western Canada ​

Larger, complex installations, custom colors, and enhanced powder-coat orders can add to the lead time. Orders can be “will called” from our facility in Fontana, California. If you have specific scheduling concerns, we encourage you to contact our Advisors early in the process. ​

Product/Technical Information

Greenscreen® is a welded wire trellising system that allows vines grown in planters below to twine and populate the modular panel. ​

All Greenscreen panels are made to order and sized in 2” increments. The maximum panel size is 4’ x 14’. Panels can be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation, and grouped to cover large areas.​

Greenscreen® panels are lightweight and easy to handle. For example, a 4' x 8' panel with full perimeter trim is approximately 33lbs without vegetation. Please refer to our General Engineering document.​

Our posts can be manufactured for embedding and surface mounting with base plates. We can provide posts with welded baseplates primed and powder-coated at the factory.​

We can manufacture gates but do not provide the gate hardware, including lockboxes and hinges. We can work closely with your project engineer to fabricate the appropriate gate dimensions for your chosen hardware and hinges.​

Panels, posts, and accessories constructed of galvanized recycled steel, receive a baked-on primer and second powder-color coat. Standard colors are GS Texture Black, GS Texture Green, GS White, GS Silver, and GS Matte Bronze, see our Materials & Finishes. Custom colors are available at an additional cost, with RAL color matches preferable. Exact color matching requires a physical sample and may increase the overall lead time.​

Tournesol Siteworks LLC warrants to the initial purchaser of its products that they will repair or replace product that contains a defect in material or workmanship for a period of three years from the date it is delivered to the initial purchaser. This Limited Warranty does not include those parts which fall under standard regular maintenance, including but not limited to parts which are subject to periodic replacement. Greenscreen warrants against defects in workmanship and materials that would result in failure under intended application and use as exterior fabricated wall grillage. “Failure” is defined as structural failure of the wire or sufficient incidents in any panel that would result in the panel’s inability to perform in a structural or safe manner under the intended application and use. Installation is excluded. Contact an Advisor for further information and extensions.​

We have a Health Product Declaration (HPD), a Recycled Content document, and, coming soon, a Life Cycle Assessment that will lead to an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). We are currently working on 3rd-party verification, which will be available in the winter of 2023. Please visit our Resources page to view further documents on Sustainability. ​

For panel cantilever, 1/3 of the panel height can cantilever from the last attachment point.​

Several variables affect the overall weight, like the type of vines used, level of maturity, and moisture content. Based on analysis of past projects, a 4' x 8' panel with full perimeter trim and fully mature vines on a cold, wet day would be approximately 64-96 lbs. Please visit our resource page to download our Plant Selection Guidelines document.​

The openness of our panel without vegetation is about 92% open, and when fully covered with vegetation, most building departments consider it to have 50% blow-through. Please refer to our General Engineering document.​

Shipping/Installation Information

Greenscreen orders ship via truck by commercial carrier from our manufacturing facility in Fontana, California. Packaging and freight costs are project-specific and included with all material quotes. Smaller orders are typically boxed and shipped in panel groups of four. Large orders or special handling are quoted case-by-case.​

Your project installer will specify the wall anchor based on the project's site conditions. The anchor should have a 480 lbs. pull-out value.​

Our panels can span a maximum of 8' over an unsupported opening. Structural steel may be needed for spans greater than 8'. Please refer to our Parking Structure Guidelines document.​

Our panels and clips work with most posts provided by others. Please provide the post specifications so that we can verify compatibility. ​

We provide mounting clips that can adapt to the space needed between the back of the panel and the face of the wall. Our standard wall-mounted clips will allow between 3/4" and 6". If the air gap needs to be greater than 6", we also offer a stand-off bracket that typically provides for a 12" air gap. ​

Please consult the project manager who assisted you with your order - they can provide helpful project-specific information. If you need help determining who assisted you, please email and provide us with the project name, city, and state, and we will forward your information to the right person.​

Greenscreen® does not provide installation services. Our panels are rigid and lightweight and are easily installed by various trades, depending on the type and complexity of the project. A miscellaneous metals subcontractor or general contractor usually completes larger or more complex projects. Landscape contractors can install smaller wall-mounted and freestanding projects. Fencing contractors familiar with accurate post placement can install fencing applications. ​

Many contractors will multiply the material subtotal by 2-2.5 times for an install cost. This varies depending on the local labor market, access to the job site, staging, and complexity.​

Plant Recommendations

Contractors can utilize various plant materials for our Greenscreen® panels. Twining vines like jasmine, clematis, and honeysuckle work best. Vines that attach with adhesive suckers, like English ivy, Boston ivy, and creeping fig, should not be used for wall-mounted applications as these vines will adhere to the wall in addition to the Greenscreen® panel. Please refer to our Plant Selection Guidelines document.​

Some vines can achieve multi-story heights with optimal sun orientation, proper spacing, and soil depth. Our recommendation would be to consult your local horticulturalists to guide you best, as they will be familiar with the climate considerations in your territory. Please consult our plant selection guidelines when discussing the proper vine selection with your local horticulturalist. Please refer to our Plant Selection Guidelines document.​

We are a supplier of the welded wire trellis system only but can provide you with a plant selection guideline document to help you discuss options with your local horticulturalists. ​

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