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With Bruce Jett, JETT Landscape Architecture + Design

Recently, our team had the opportunity to sit down with Bruce Jett, and he shared his perspective on the future of landscape architecture. Read more about our conversation with Bruce.

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Vertical Landscapes & Greenscreen Trellis Systems

Vertical landscapes, greenscreens, and vertical gardens are being used to transform outdoor urban designs. A greenscreen is made of welded wire trellises forming a 3D structure. Available in various widths and sizes, these versatile modular panels are both sturdy and lightweight. Using plants as screens is a beautiful way to conceal unpleasant sights, define areas, direct movement, or create the boundaries of a cozy outdoor space. A vertical landscape or garden makes the most use out of a small space, adding intriguing visual elements that draw the eye up, among other benefits.

Bruce gave his take, “I think there's a greater spectrum of applications for things like greenscreens and vertical gardens. These vertical farms can be a couple stories high. Studies have been done that show that half a city block in vertical agriculture could possibly produce as much food as, I don't know, hundreds of acres of land and grow as much food in a single vertical agriculture structure that would feed a hundred or more families in a half a mile radius and you don't have to hire a truck to haul it from 600 miles away.”

Tournesol is excited to bring Greenscreen® into our product portfolio, expanding the opportunities to grow vertically whether your plans are vines or vegetables.

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Blue Roofs & Bioretention Planters

We’ve known about green roofs covered with vegetation, but now we’re seeing an increase in blue roofs with bioretention technology and planters with biofiltration. In a blue roof, the vegetation is layered in such a way that water is filtered and collected in trays, then plantings uptake that water slowly once the rain has stopped. Biofiltration planters work in a similar manner allowing water to be collected from roofs above, and filtered using Tournesol's planter systems. Said Bruce, “This is going to help meet a greater and greater standard of water cleansing and conservation supporting healthy natural systems.”

He elaborated, “I think that bioretention and biofiltration are all things that need continued innovation, such as the way Tournesol has developed their Bioretention Planters… It’s one of the biggest areas that I'm excited about.” Read more about Bioretention.

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Appreciation for the Natural World

Bruce is encouraged by the growth of understanding the natural world. “We're starting to recognize as a society more and more the intelligence of the natural world. We now have reports from the scientific community that trees are, I'll call it, symbiotically, with fungi in the ground to communicate environmental stresses and other things with each other."

Jett has this advice “The next generation of landscape architects needs to be thoughtful of what's important for them to be successful moving ahead. Working with Tournesol, there's no fear because we know you'll listen and we never know what the end result is. Pick up the phone and don't be afraid; These guys are who you need to talk to.”


The Enlightened Developer

Bruce shared his perspective on the “enlightened developer,” saying “There's a huge trend out there now that developers recognize more and more the value of landscape and they're willing to make the needed investment . It used to be how much bark mulch can we put out there and no irrigating plan. Now developers are asking how much do we need to spend to make this a memorable experience for the prospective tenant, for the community that you're building in?”

As a manufacturer, Tournesol collaborates with landscape architects, contractors, and developers to provide and design high-quality products to meet their needs and allow commercial landscape design projects to come to life.

Let’s Work Together – How to Get Started

Tournesol is on a mission to be the preferred solution provider to Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractors in the commercial marketplace, specializing in pots, planters, and site furnishings. If you find yourself overwhelmed or unsure, don't hesitate to consult with our professionals who specialize in commercial outdoor décor. We can offer expert advice, and recommend suitable options based on your specific requirements and budget.

Make your journey from estimate to installation as simple and seamless as possible. Let’s get started today.

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Greenscreen Joins Tournesol

Welcome to Tournesol! Greenscreen® was acquired by Tournesol, enabling a mutual expansion of product offerings with integrated and innovative solutions for green infrastructure and urban greening.