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Wellness is a trending topic, but it’s definitely here to stay. And that could be instrumental in creating spaces that are healthier for both you and the planet with biophilic design on the rise. The outdoors is making its way into the building industry with this concept, resulting in organic elements like plants and natural materials being integrated into brand new structures.

According to Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, it’s becoming a principal consideration when embarking on urban building projects, as millennials and GenZer's are far more likely than previous generations to choose an employer, restaurant or store based on the sustainability goals and aesthetic.

Let’s start with the interior. Plants are known to improve indoor air quality, and adding a natural element to an office space is an organic way to increase productivity. In general, materials with natural finishes, like woods, pure stone tiles and repurposed building materials, can add to the health of a space. Though having access to outdoor views when indoors is important for your well-being, the nature-oriented elements that come with biophilic design can act as a close second.

A quick and easy way to incorporate biophilic design into a work environment is with our Planters with Greenscreen® Trellis. It’s an affordable strategy for creating social distancing barriers where people gather indoors, like restaurants, office spaces, hotel lobbies and conference centers.

But the exterior of a building is just as important. A great exterior biophilic option is to add a green façade to the building’s envelope, which can be achieved with our wall mounted panels.

With so little space for nature in an urban setting, adding greenery requires creativity—and that’s where the green roof comes in. Bringing green elements to the roofs of high-density areas comes with plenty of benefits, namely reducing heat island effect. It also promotes biodiversity, creating places where insects and birds can settle while also cleaning the air and regulating storm water and the building’s temperature.

One way to transform your rooftop is with our Greenscreen Columns paired with Infill/Overhead panels, which can be creatively immersed into your design. Living vines grow beautifully along the column and trellis, creating shade and adding aesthetics to bring your biophilic vision to life.

While our mindset has shifted to more health-forward living, the well-being of the planet has become linked to the sentiment. From green façades to freestanding fences—greenscreen® offers a variety of solutions to seamlessly incorporate biophilic design into your site, reach your sustainability goals and create a space that’s both aesthetically pleasing and healthy for all. 

Contact our team of Advisors to learn more today! 

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