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Elevate Commercial Spaces With Tournesol's Commercial Water Fountains

Professionals like architects, landscape architects, and contractors work tirelessly to actualize their clients' ideas. A common thread uniting their efforts is the pursuit of adding distinctive value through deliberate design choices. That can be challenging while still adhering to strict timelines. Enhancing architectural and landscape architecture projects should go beyond aesthetics. The products specified by designers should include features that benefit the health and well-being of the people these spaces were designed for.

Our commercial water fountains are great for creating aesthetically beautiful outdoor sites. With our flexible design options, outdoor spaces can provide health benefits, foster social connections, and increase engagement with nature. Our straightforward installation process can effortlessly transform and invigorate outdoor spaces, too. Learn why Tournesol's commercial outdoor fountains should be your preferred choice.

Age of Itasca

The Turnkey Solution: Tournesol's Outdoor Concrete Fountains

Opting for a turnkey solution significantly helps to achieve project objectives, and incorporating a central piece, like a prominently central outdoor water fountain, plays a pivotal role in meeting the client's goals and vision.

Tournesol's range of outdoor concrete fountains is an ideal turnkey solution. Our stunning custom water features are pre-designed and engineered with the precision to simplify the specification and installation processes for lightweight concrete fountain elements, plumbing, and lighting.

The Barcelona, Roxbury, and Seattle Collections

Our fountain products include the Barcelona, Roxbury, and Seattle Collections—each a testament to premium craftsmanship and designed to seamlessly integrate into various outdoor landscapes. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these fountains contribute to fostering healthy environments, enhancing biodiversity, and crafting memorable experiences, thereby appreciably increasing the value of commercial properties.

The Barcelona fountain provides a classic belly profile and bullnose return, adding an old-world appeal. The Roxbury fountain is classically smooth in shape and lends well to modern installations. The Seattle fountain's clean, modern lines are simply elegant and fulfill projects looking for contemporary design appeal.

A strategically placed outdoor water feature amplifies curb appeal. Well-placed water features infuse serene harmony with nature into commercial real estate properties like retail and hospitality spaces, healthcare facilities, office complexes, multifamily residences, and industrial sites.

Wyndham Waterfront

The Craftsmanship of Tournesol's Water Fountains

Specifying an appropriately sized water fountain is critical. Our fountain designs are customized and can match every project's scale. We offer the flexibility needed to ensure that the size and dimensions required match the individual needs of landscape design projects. Tournesol recognizes the importance of water features integrating seamlessly into landscape and architectural design spaces. We are committed to prioritizing what is most important to our clients by positioning ourselves as the ideal turnkey solution. Precast concrete water basin options, a variety of center feature bowls, jet and ring spray options, and LED lighting, open numerous possibilities to align with your specific design aspirations.

Each commercial water basin is constructed and fitted with a central foundation from which water emerges. Features such as water jets, ring sprays, and bubblers are complemented by LED lighting, accentuating the captivating interplay of water and light that beautify and create a memorable experience for people using the space.

Tournesol's outdoor water fountain collections are designed with a closed water system, guaranteeing watertight and self-contained monolithic construction, with easy access to pump valves and water controls.

Specifying the Right Elements for Impact

The center foundation in each fountain is proportioned to match the size of the fountain's basin and houses the essential components, such as pumps, lighting, electrical fixtures, and controls.

Our fountains are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 16 feet and have a sandblast finish in 11 elegant earthy colors. We pride ourselves on the interchangeability of center feature bowls across our collections, allowing for a blend of aesthetics. We have classic to modernist-style elements to build the perfect outdoor water fountain.

Constructed from lightweight concrete, our outdoor fountains are durable and facilitate easy shipping, handling, and installation. The uniform structure of our large outdoor fountains assures a seamless assembly of basins and bowls.

While functionality is paramount, creating spaces people are drawn to is equally crucial. Our large-scale concrete water fountains embellish environments, creating tranquil surroundings with the flow and movement of water as a pivotal design element. The variety of commercial waterfalls, bubblers, jets, and spray rings provide soothing visuals and sounds with tangible health benefits that are too compelling to ignore.

Merrill Gardens Campbell-CA-Seattle-Small Round Fountain

Creating Tranquil Spaces for Well-being

The gentle sounds of moving water can usher in a calm and soothing ambiance. Such peaceful spaces are known to reduce stress levels, decelerate heart rates, and foster overall well-being. These health benefits render outdoor fountains particularly suited for healthcare facilities and communal spaces like retail centers, parks, and multifamily properties.

Cooling and Purifying the Surrounding Air

Incorporating a water feature such as a large outdoor fountain in landscape designs offers the added advantage of cooling the surrounding air. Mist emanating from outdoor water fountains aids in cooling the immediate vicinity.

Moreover, the air around large outdoor fountains tends to be purer, thanks to water vapor from ring sprays and jets that attract, capture, and sink pollution particles.

Mitigating Noise in Urban Environments

Another benefit of the soothing sounds of moving water is the mitigation of distracting noises adjacent to commercial properties. The rhythmic sound of falling water in large outdoor fountains functionally softens loud street traffic and bothersome industrial noise.

The universal advantage of replacing unwanted noise with the calming sounds of flowing water makes large water fountains an ideal choice for commercial properties where noise reduction enhances productivity or healing. Commercial properties like healthcare facilities and industrial environments notably benefit from this attribute.

Fostering Biodiversity and Connection with Nature

A flowing water source also serves as a magnet for wildlife, thereby supporting urban biodiversity. Large outdoor fountains equipped with multi-tier bowls and various nozzle types that create bubblers, column jets, spray rings, and other water movements become sanctuaries for pollinators like butterflies, bees, and birds.

Biodiversity enhances the character of commercial properties and encourages a deeper connection with nature. Spending time in beautiful outdoor settings anchored by a magnificent water fountain satisfies the inherent human desire to connect with the natural world.

Queen of Heaven Cemetery - Lafayette CA - Barcelona Fountain

Social and Economic Benefits of Outdoor Fountains

Creating inviting and comfortable spaces encourages visitors to gather and linger. In retail environments, for instance, when customers spend more time within commercial spaces, the demand for such commercial areas increases, as do opportunities for commerce—a favorable advantage.

Concrete outdoor fountains can act as landmarks and visual anchors within landscape designs. The aesthetic allure and design versatility of commercial water features particularly enhance the attractiveness and value of commercial real estate properties.

With all these benefits in mind, it becomes evident that incorporating an outdoor water feature into commercial design projects adds immense value to projects and enriches the property itself.

Our Commitment to Delivering Excellence

Choosing Tournesol as your large concrete outdoor fountain provider means partnering with a team of experts who collaborate closely with architects, designers, and landscape professionals to ensure our outdoor fountains meet and exceed expectations.

Committed to excellence and innovation, Tournesol offers unparalleled quality, durability, and beauty in our large commercial water fountains.

We invite you to explore our selection of large outdoor water fountains on our Commercial Outdoor Fountain product page. You can also request color samples for decision making made easy. Let Tournesol assist you in crafting spaces that inspire, calm, and captivate, bringing your vision to life.

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