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Irrigation Inserts and Systems for Self-Watering

Self-irrigation systems, including sub-irrigation, DIY drip irrigation kits, and container gardens, provide numerous benefits for plant care gardens and landscaping. Choosing the right system, like faucet-connected soaker hoses or sprinkler systems, is crucial based on the specific needs of outdoor and indoor plants and the environmental conditions for controlled irrigation.

With 30 years of expertise, Tournesol Siteworks produces the highest quality self-watering systems and container irrigation. Our proprietary moisture sensor and water reservoir system work to precisely control water release into the soil, allowing long intervals between watering.

Landscape architects turn to us for the best irrigation systems for pots and planters, ensuring the success of their large-scale projects!

Below, you can get an introduction to our collection and discover what we have to offer:

This self-watering system is designed to drop into a round or square decorative pot. It relies on a vacuum-sensor watering system, which provides accurate soil moisture detection and automatically waters the plants when the soil is dry.

It's important to note that the CWC is a low-maintenance insert with a rather oversized reservoir, which allows for refill intervals that are up to four times longer compared to typical hand watering—often providing enough water for 2-4 weeks of irrigation for interior plants and 1-2 weeks for the exterior.

Among our similar products, it features the largest reservoir and the longest maintenance interval of any self-watering system.

Learn more about the CWC Irrigation Insert here.

Like the previous product, this self-watering planter insert also features an automatic watering system that maintains the optimal soil moisture level through a vacuum. When the soil is dry, the capillary vacuum tube is supplied with air and the bottom irrigation supplies the soil with water.

Once the soil's moisture levels saturate, the moisture prevents the air from reaching the capillary tube, thus forming a vacuum on one end, preventing the water from leaving the reservoir and saturating the soil.

When the moisture level inside the soil drops so that the air reaches the capillary tube once again, the irrigation process repeats.

However, the CWI automatic sub-irrigation systems are designed to fit into cylindrical and slightly tapered pots. It should be noted that this container is hand-filled and features an overflow drainage adapter for exterior applications that allows excess rainwater to overflow and prevents the irrigation water from draining out.

Learn more about the CWI Irrigation Insert here.

CWM features a modular design that fits any large planter. Its reservoir modules are linked and buried inside the pot to create a better plant watering system that relies on the moisture sensors mentioned above to maintain soil moisture. It is suited for extensive commercial planters or garden plants in raised beds.

What's great about this system is that it's virtually invisible. When installed, it completely disappears under the soil. Thanks to an ingenious application of vacuum and fluid mechanics, the tube's microporous plastic tip acts as a simple valve that regulates soil moisture.

Learn more about the CWM Modular Container Irrigation System here.


Tournesol drainage products protect surfaces where drainage is restricted or when drainage overflow is necessary. Products like VersiCell, a sub-surface commercial drainage panel, combine strength and water flow capacity to provide the ultimate solution for your drainage needs.

These modular, connectable panels are ideal for installations where fast, high-volume water flow is critical. Our commercial drainage control products can effectively get the job done and meet your commercial drainage needs. Here's what we're offering:

DR pump-out systems are great for landscaping applications where traditional commercial drainage isn't tolerated, as they provide an overflow for excess water, thus protecting potted plants from overwatering. Though they're primarily designed to be used with Tournesol's pots and self-watering planters, these devices work great with a planter or pot produced by a different manufacturer.

Learn more about the DR Pump-Out product here.

VersiCell Drainage Panels are modular, connectable subsurface commercial drainage panels used in garden watering systems that demand high-volume water flow. Their modularity makes for fast and easy installation, while their design provides superior strength and higher water flow than typical commercial drainage mats. And unlike most drainage products, VersiCell is shovel-proof.

The use of VersiCell extends beyond gardens and large planters. These commercial outdoor drain systems are often used under green roofs, where they work with waterproofing, geotextile, and other elements, and even on plaza decks for drainage under pavers.
Like our Root Solutions, VersiCell can also be used for subterranean wall protection. It is frequently sandwiched between the landscape fabric and the waterproofing membrane adjacent to the wall. 

Learn more about VersiCell Panels here.

Root Control

Urban landscapers seeking root control solutions to prevent damage to foundations, sidewalks, driveways, and other structures rely on Tournesol Siteworks. Our landscape Root Solutions barriers are panels that provide a simple yet effective way to manage tree roots.

These barriers prevent tree roots from damaging sidewalks, roads, and other structures. It's essential to note that root control methods can vary, including physical barriers, root pruning, or selecting plants with non-invasive root systems.

Tournesol's Root Solutions are extruded root barrier panels with self-locking channels requiring no glue-up or additional parts. They are made of recycled HDPE and LDPE (high-density and low-density polyethylene), so they won't harden, become brittle, or fail in any way during a project's lifetime.

They're more manageable and less expensive to install than geo-mesh or fabric. The anti-compaction channels direct plant roots downward and under sidewalks, swales, roads, and other structures.

Learn more about Root Barrier Root Solutions here.

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