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Trellises Wrap and Beautify Camino Medical Group

Mountain View, CA

A healthy dose of product innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration and integrated project delivery can lead to award-winning healthcare facility design and construction, as is the case with the Camino Medical Group - Mountain View campus. The campus features an urgent care center, outpatient surgery center, pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services, administrative offices and exam rooms for over 100 primary care physicians and specialty physicians. Design programming included the use of intuitive circulation patterns, abundant natural light, warm natural materials and an extensive restorative art program. All of these features are nestled into the Mountain View, California, campus that contains a 250,000-square-foot space that invokes the client’s desire to provide a “supportive, healing place.” The 2007 AIA San Francisco Honor Award winner, designed by Hawley Peterson & Snyder Architects, is modern in its styling but even more advanced in the collaborative approaches that were taken to construct it. That commitment to collaboration also extended to the relationship between structure and landscape.

The visual separation of adjacent parking structures and surface lots can provide significant design challenges when attempting to blend aesthetics with function. The designers for the Camino – Medical Group Mountain View campus relied on product innovation to help solve this challenge by incorporating “living architecture” to frame views, provide an entry statement, control access and help delineate spaces. Designed in collaboration with the SWA Group, two rectangular trellises using Greenscreen® panels provide a grand entrance transition in and out of surface parking. Held off of 6” steel framing by custom-fabricated mounting clips, the Greenscreen panels wrap around the framework and will allow pink jasmine to grow up and over an often-overlooked design opportunity. The “captive growing space” of the panels will allow the fragrant blooms to cascade over a 32 ½” span that also helps to control vehicular access to the lower-level parking structure to less than 8’ 2” tall. Raised masonry planters at the intersection successfully incorporate the trellis and plant material to soften the space and provide a constant design theme that surrounds the surface parking. Over time, the plantings and Greenscreen panels will provide a green, fragrant archway in and out of the functional space. The underground parking portion directly below also uses Greenscreen panels to provide security, accents and consistent thematic design.

A collaborative theme was the hallmark throughout the entire project as architects and general contractors utilized two then-new implementation systems. Integrated project delivery (IPD) and building information modeling (BIM) technologies, including 3D/4D documentation, design/assist, LEAN design and construction methodologies, led to significant savings in time, materials and the cost of work to the major subtrades. In fact, there were no RFIs or change orders issued due to conflicts with the interfaces of the 3D modeling system.

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