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This year, at the ASLA 2023 Conference in Minneapolis, we featured some amazing plant sculptures in our booth created by Desert Steel.

Refined and realistic, the showstopping plant sculptures drew attention into our space and beautifully complimented our Tournesol planters. Desert Steel's unique and durable pieces paired perfectly with the GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) concrete Bolinas and Paso planters.

IMG_0410 edit copy crop

Sawtooth Agave and Yucca

Shown in our Bolinas Collection planters

IMG_0449 edit copy


Willard Desert Steel

Prickly Pear and Yucca

Manufactured in Wichita, Kansas, Desert Steel was created as an artful landscape solution that could withstand harsh climates with zero maintenance. Their motto is “When you can’t grow it, you make it!” And based on the reaction we had in our booth, they are making it right, and their future looks bright!  

To learn more about how Desert Steel products pair with Tournesol planters, speak with one of our advisors.  

IMG_0468 edit copy

Americana Agave

Shown in our Paso Collection planters

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