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Climate changes are causing extreme weather shifts, making stormwater management a rising concern in urban environments. Tournesol has tackled this challenge for over a decade by partnering with architects, innovating our Bioretention Planters, and adding new features and materials, including aluminum.

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Tap into Our Expertise

We are experts in large-scale planters, specializing in developing planters for on-structure installation. We’ve also been working with Architects and Builders since 2014 to develop our Bioretention Planters. We know how to maximize water volume storage with minimum square footage, while considering other utilities and amenities. Most bioretention projects are custom, but we have a wide range of sizes to help you begin to budget your project.

Dive Into the Details

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New Features

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Aluminum is a great choice for bioretention. It is lightweight, adding less to the overall load. It is easier to deliver, assemble and complete installation. It’s also friendly on the environment, requiring less energy to deliver, build, and recycle.

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Splash Box

Our Splash Box and Level Spreaders are accessories available for both GFRC and Aluminum Bioretention Planters. The Splash Box has been thoughtfully designed to be easy to install, able to be located anywhere in the planter, and has a removable tray for easy clean-out.

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Level Spreader

Level up with this mini aqueduct, which has unique perforations along the spreader for even water distribution. The Level Spreader distributes rainwater evenly across the planter, slowing down the flow.

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Bioretention Planters

Our Bioretention Planters are pre-built and installed on-site to collect stormwater from drain leads/downspouts. Plants and media filter water, removing organic and inorganic solids, and slowly release the water into the storm drains, reducing peak discharge rates.

Visit our Bioretention Planter product page to learn more.

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Welcome to Tournesol! Greenscreen® was acquired by Tournesol, enabling a mutual expansion of product offerings with integrated and innovative solutions for green infrastructure and urban greening.