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Rainy days help revitalize our thirsty earth but can sometimes be overwhelmingly abundant, especially in more urban areas with sparse green spaces. We need effective stormwater management solutions to help combat rainwater runoff that all too often contributes to pollutants entering our water systems. One of those solutions is bioretention.

Bioretention Functions and Benefits

Bioretention is a form of stormwater management that slows down the flow of stormwater discharge and filters out sediments and pollutants that would otherwise wash into and contaminate streams, lakes, and oceans, and overburden drainage systems. The main benefit of bioretention systems is the retention and filtration of rainwater capture, which mitigates pollutants in our water systems. While several popular stormwater management systems are in the market, including in-ground bioswales, Green and Purple Roof systems, and Cast-in-Place or Site-Built Planters, Tournesol's Bioretention Planters stand out in stormwater management. Our strength derives from our customization capabilities.

Tournesol Bioretention Planters

Tournesol offers on-structure Bioretention Planters with fitted plumbing that captures and detains stormwater that lands in the planter and percolates through customer-supplied media, landscape fabric, gravel, and optional fabric sleeves. This slows down the rainwater runoff and allows for media adsorption and plant uptake of pollutants. The filtered rainwater collects at the bottom of the planter and seeps into the pre-installed perforated drain pipe at the bottom, releasing the water into storm drains.

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Add Value with Customization and Product Options

Our system is adaptable, making it easy to fulfill your project specifications. Bioretention Planters can be fabricated to the dimensions needed to meet volume requirements dictated by local building codes. They are available in aluminum and GFRC materials, making them long-lasting and durable. Additionally, Tournesol offers product options like Splash Boxes, Level Spreaders, and custom items like accessory pockets for lighting, power, and audio.

Our versatile Wally bench mounted to the side of planters can also complement the overall aesthetic, creating the added benefit of an outdoor biophilic design experience. 

Considerations and Requirements

Projects have site-specific requirements, so vital information is needed to ensure planter fabrication meets those conditions. For example, the required stormwater retention and filtration volume determined by local building codes is necessary to determine the correct planter dimensions and configuration. Architects typically provide the square footage requirements or treatment volume requirements.

Additional considerations include establishing the location of the planters, how much space they will occupy, and the customer-provided media that must meet municipal requirements. Providing this information to our expert advisors helps you meet your design goals and may lead to improving your project deadlines, too!

Turn to Tournesol

    With years of specialized experience in large-scale on-structure planters and backed by a reliable team of engineers, custom fabrication experts, estimators, and advisors, Tournesol is here to meet your unique project needs.

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