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Material Options, Features, and Benefits

The beauty of designing commercial outdoor spaces is the opportunity to create something new and unexpected. Landscape design professionals seek inspiration from many sources when initially planning a new space. Color, texture, style, form, and function all play a part in the overall look of outdoor spaces and design plans, as do climate and maintenance. Commercial planters add to a project's aesthetics, elevate these public sites, and possess functionality that adds value to designed spaces. This inspires a new level of creativity.

Commercial pots and planters, commonly located on and certainly not limited to terraces, decks, and rooftops, are ideal for bringing green spaces to areas where planting beds and soil are unavailable. Large planters with flourishing blossoms and a mixture of plant selections interplay to create a welcoming atmosphere that invites social gatherings.

The unique features of Tournesol's commercial planters, in conjunction with wayfinding efforts in courtyards, deliver a sense of wellness and healing in rooftop gardens at healthcare facilities and provide biophilic benefits at educational institutions, office complexes, and corporate campuses.

Tournesol's expansive portfolio of commercial pots and planters gives landscape architects, architects, and specifiers numerous options. Our planters are very versatile, and many are designed to be modular, which helps with spacemaking. We provide turnkey solutions for each project's unique requirements.

Let's review the features and benefits of Tournesol pots and planters that stand out and support our goal of being your preferred provider.

Diverse Choices for Landscape Professionals

We recognize that there are many requirements a commercial planter may need to meet, and we have responded with solution-driven designs and options. Our planters are engineered, developed, and manufactured with strength and performance integrity in mind.

Designing Beyond the Typical

Durability balanced with versatility and timeless style is our baseline, our foundational commitment to our customers. We have material options with unique characteristics that promise to fit your project objectives. We also make it easy to order samples.

The Secret to Strength is Lightweight GFRC

Our GFRC Lightweight Concrete Planters combine lightfast pigments, fine sand, cement, polymer, water, and alkali-resistant glass fibers to create a reinforced glass fiber concrete that lasts. GFRC's unique compound is the secret to the outstanding strength of our commercial pots and planters. This feature is valuable when specifying large commercial planters.


Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum

Our Aluminum Planter is made of 100% recyclable marine-grade aluminum and rounds out our collection of lightweight commercial planters. Additional features include 40-60% less weight than steel, engineered welded stiffeners for added strength, resistance to corrosion and rust, and a Finite Element Analysis demonstrating its ability to perform under real-world circumstances.

Endurance and Performance in FRP

Another lightweight and durable material option is FRP. Our pots and planters forged with fiber-reinforced plastic will outlast plastic alone and perform well in colder climates. The enduring strength of our FRP commercial planters makes them an excellent choice for heavy-traffic project locations, as the material is engineered to resist damage.

Optimal Quality and Durability in Powder-Coated Steel

Tournesol commercial planters in powder-coated steel are carefully crafted to deliver our customers the highest quality planter product. Our powder-coated steel pots and planters are manufactured of 12-gauge steel and engineered to resist deformation from everyday environmental factors like water, soil, and vegetation. The zinc-rich primer applied before powder-coating adds protection against rusting.

Aesthetic Appeal and Longevity With Weathering Steel

Our weathering steel planters make a great project choice when a substantially strong planter with the added character of a patina finish is specified. Over time, weathering steel commercial planters provide a vibrant orange to a deep rusty-orange, brown color, resisting atmospheric corrosion compared to other steel options. Their warm industrial aesthetic is a favorite of landscape architects. Since metal planters are most vulnerable at their base, we created a stainless-steel base to extend planter life and reduce rust and staining of adjacent surfaces.

Boulevard Group Wood

Durability Meets Natural Beauty With Wood Cladding

Our commercial planters also have wood cladding with a fiberglass liner, which protects the wood finish from soil, ground, and irrigation moisture. This extends the life of the wood surface. Just as our weathering steel option increases in beauty over time, the wood cladding ages into a beautiful, weathered appearance, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The wood cladding comes in a choice of Thermally Modified Wood, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar.

A Finish for Every Setting

A project's selected site furnishings, including commercial plant pots, require the right finishing touches that complement their surroundings and help function reliably. Just like our range of materials available for our commercial planters, we deliver a variety of finishes to perfectly match and meet project specifications.

Tournesol's color palette was carefully chosen to provide timeless hues that blend well with any site's aesthetics. The texture options available for our commercial pots and planters add dimension and depth to a designed space, enhancing the overall project plan.

Our GFRC commercial planters are available in 11 standard colors, attractively delicate and subdued from the soft hue of Charcoal to the airy shade of Mist. We also provide 5 interesting texture choices: Acid Etch, Sandblast, Travertine, Fine Grain, and Natural Sand.

Fiberglass planters come in 18 standard colors that lean towards the vibrant side of the color spectrum. Rich colors like Citron and Royalty add character and can set the tone of a space. Our fiberglass commercial planters are available in three textures: Smooth, Rough Stucco, and Orange Peel.

Our powder-coat color palette boasts subtle shades like Champagne and Shadow, which can set a relaxed tone in outdoor spaces. In contrast, dynamic hues like Coral and Sunflower might set the stage for a festive feel that befits gathering spaces where large outdoor planters are suitable. With 24 standard colors to choose from, the ease with which a project's color story can be told is limitless.

Weathering steel commercial planters made of A588 and A606 grade steel are shipped and delivered un-weathered. The signature “Corten” finish develops within weeks as the initial rust patina evolves, eventually advancing to a deep rust-orange color over the years.


Planter Collections for All Tastes

No matter the space or a client's selective taste, we have a commercial planter that will fit their specific needs. Our pots and planters harmoniously fit into design spaces and work with most existing site conditions.

Springing from our design team's creative and innovative minds, Tournesol planter collections range from classic profiles to more sculptural shapes that enhance indoor and outdoor spaces.


Distinct Curves and Contours

Downtown Collection adds elegance and flair to any project with distinctive curves to its shape. Flexible in sizing, each carries distinctive proportions, and shallower round sizes available help create commercial flower pots and color displays.

Zena planter's highly tapered structure and inverted dome profile can be used as focal points and add sleek style to urban areas.

The Montara Collection is our latest design, inspired by Northern California's serene and majestic coastline. Montara is a modern take on a classic mid-century organic shape. This commercial planter collection features a versatile form with rounded edges, elevating commercial or residential spaces.


Classic and Traditional

Spaces seeking commercial planters with traditional silhouettes might choose our Aquarian or Florence Collection. The Aquarian is elegantly curved and can achieve a rustic, ancient feel with a textured finish. The Florence Collection is our nod to Renaissance romance, created with rounded accents at the upper and lower portion of the planter. Both collections are available in durable GFRC, ideal for high-traffic locations, and light enough to be moved where desired.


Fortified and Flawless

Bolinas is a bold and sculptural planter model that is large in scale, inspired by the rugged coastline of Northern California, and echoes Brutalist design. Our Paso is a spacemaking planter collection designed to create outdoor gathering places that connect people with nature. Made of lightweight GFRC, both large commercial planter collections provide a versatile and timeless style to outdoor communal spaces.

Sharp, Sleek, and Chic Shapes

The Slash Collection is a surprisingly unique and distinctive planter design. From one view, it's a rectangle; from another angle, it's a parallelogram, making Slash a fun element of spacemaking strategies.

The Delta and Harlie Collections entertain with sculptural forms that deliberately differ from different views for visual highlight, contrast, and charm.

The Urban Collection is sleek, simple, and elegantly tapered. These planters are designed to enhance the outdoors and, despite their light weight, perform durably in high-traffic locations.

The Wilshire Planter is our most popular spacemaking planter collection, thanks to its versatility and customizability. Wilshire is available in powder-coated mild steel, powder-coated marine-grade aluminum, lightweight GFRC, and FRP, wood-cladding, and weathering steel. Its attractive and chic shape, paired with Greenscreen trellis panels, makes Wilshire an easy-to-install solution for creating privacy and the perfect profile for our Bioretention Planter. It is clear why Wilshire stands out as the preferred commercial planter choice for the landscape architecture community.

Turn to Tournesol

By choosing Tournesol as your commercial planter provider, you're partnering with decades of experience and a team of experts who collaborate closely with architects, designers, and landscape professionals to ensure our products meet and exceed expectations.

Explore our wide selection of commercial planters on our product pages and let Tournesol help craft spaces that inspire and captivate. Contact us to get your project started today.

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