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Bins, Bollards & Bike Racks

Bins and Recyclers
Tournesol’s bins, recyclers, and trash receptacles are an attractive solution for litter control in public spaces, thoughtfully designed to complement our Boulevard wood-clad planters, Wilshire Planters, and Plaza collections. These matching receptacles present an opportunity to seamlessly integrate waste solutions that harmonize with the other elements in a project. Ideal for city parks, recreation centers, outdoor cafes, corporate and college campuses, and any environment requiring commercial-grade outdoor bins.

Tournesol offers wood-clad receptacles, steel strap trash bins as well as fiberglass recyclers in a variety of color finishes to match your project's aesthetic. All trash cans include removable plastic liners for convenient maintenance. The FRP recyclers can be fabricated as single, double, or triple-stream recyclers, with various lid options.

Pedestrian and traffic bollards are sturdy, vertical posts typically used to provide a protective barrier or visual marker, controlling traffic and enhancing safety for vehicles and pedestrians. They find applications along streets, sidewalks, paths, trails, parking lots, boardwalks, and more. Tournesol offers customizable bollards with various mounting options, collars, and other details. Our removable traffic bollards serve as a visual deterrent while being easily removed for emergency or service access. Share your project needs or inquire about specific bollard details, and we can assist you in identifying and customizing the right street bollards for your project.

Bike Racks
With cities encouraging bike use, cyclists need a place to safely store their bicycles. Our heavy-duty commercial bike racks can be utilized for school campuses, commercial environments, parks, and recreation facilities. Please contact us to discuss your outside bike rack design ideas. We are here to help with your vision, right down to the details such as bike rack spacing and bike rack dimensions.

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