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Power + Light Building

Portland, OR

The Power + Light Building in Portland, Oregon, is an Italian Renaissance-style architectural structure built in 1928 and was originally Portland’s Public Service Building. After a large remodeling project that took place in the last few years, it is now an office building with many modern amenities, including a large roof terrace with excellent views of the city of Portland.

Landscape architects from Shapiro Didway, collaborated with TVA architects to create an outdoor roof deck space honoring the historic character while modernizing the functionality of the entire office building.

Shapiro Didway specified 31 of Tournesol’s Wilshire Collection lightweight, FRP fiberglass, rectangular planters in various lengths and widths, in a smooth texture and color Puddle, to nicely blend the planters with the rooftop. Each planter contains cast-in-accessory lighting pockets, enabling lighting for socially-distanced evening gatherings or events. Additionally, all 31 planters are fitted with matching sizes of CWM Modular Container Irrigation Systems. The CWM system has a proprietary sensor that monitors the moisture level of the soil giving only the amount of water needed, balancing oxygen in the soil, and keeping the plantings on the roof terrace healthy, strong, and stress-free.

Photos by Alan Brandt Photography

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