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Green Design: Plant Characteristics

Green design, known as sustainable design, aims to create environmentally friendly and healthy spaces with a positive societal impact.

The Amazing History of Green Infrastructure

Green roofs and façades are beautiful and have, over the ages, provided humanity with a plenitude of ecosystem services such as produce and shade. We have long relied on plants to create spaces for humans to thrive and prosper.


The Nature of Outdoor Materials

Sun, rain, and snow are formidable forces. Exposure to UV rays and fluctuations in temperature are serious considerations in selecting outdoor materials.


In the War for Tenants, It Pays to Be Green

Tournesol’s Christopher Lyon Spoke at Bisnow’s LA Architecture and Design Summit

Pick Best Planter Blog

Elevate Your Storefront and Attract Customers

When it comes to creating an inviting and visually appealing storefront, choosing the right planters can make a significant difference.


The World of Wilshire

Looking for a planter that can meet your design challenges? Meet the Wilshire Collection, our most popular commercial planter. Versatility, durability, and customizability set Wilshire planters apart.

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Greenscreen Joins Tournesol

Welcome to Tournesol! Greenscreen® was acquired by Tournesol, enabling a mutual expansion of product offerings with integrated and innovative solutions for green infrastructure and urban greening.