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  • 100% recyclable marine-grade aluminum
  • Same strength as Wilshire Steel but weigh 40-60% less
  • Engineered for strength with welded stiffeners
  • Laser-cut & welded for consistent thickness and edge-detail at any scale
  • Powder-coat over zinc-free epoxy primer

Available Materials

Product Options

Tournesol’s products are made-to-order. To easily add features to our planters, check our menu of standard options. Note that not all options are available for all products; we also have capabilities beyond the listed options. For something off-menu, speak to a Tournesol Advisor.


Irrigation Systems

Tournesol’s container irrigation systems are the best in the business, and one of the values of working with Tournesol. Learn more about the systems details below. 

Speak to a Tournesol Advisor for help selecting irrigation systems for your next project.

Irrigation, Drainage & Root Control


Change in Dimension / Angled Length Modification

Don’t see the size you’re looking for? Many of our planters can be ordered with a change in one dimension as a standard option.

Modifications to more than one dimension are available but outside of standard options. Speak to a Tournesol Advisor about specifying unique sizes for your project.

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Accessory Pockets

Add pockets to accommodate lighting, audio, power, and data. View our Fixture Compatibility Chart to use a Standard Accessory Pocket. Find out more in our guide below. Connect with a Tournesol Advisor for assistance.

Custom Accessory Pockets are available for fixtures not appearing on the compatibility chart. Speak to a Tournesol Advisor about how we can accommodate a specific need for your project.

Accessory Pocket Application Guide



Square and rectangular planters can be connected end-to-end to create linear runs. “Scoops” lower adjacent planter walls allowing them to hide beneath the soil surface, creating a continuous planting along the top. Connector kits to gang planters together are available.

Unique Scoops such as those placed to create t-shapes or corners are available but outside of standard options. Speak to a Tournesol Advisor about specifying unique scoops for your project.

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Recessed casters discreetly provide mobility and are available as an option for many of our planter collections. Planters receiving casters are built with reinforced raised bottoms, so that casters are hidden under skirted planter walls. Tournesol installs commercial-grade swiveling casters calculated to support the total weight of the filled planter. Adding casters adds .5” to height and reduces soil depth by 5”, please take this into consideration when selecting your planter height.

Casters are not offered for very large or very narrow planters where weight or tipping hazard can present a challenge. Unique caster configurations are available but outside of standard options. Speak to a Tournesol Advisor about specifying unique options for your project.

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Need it watertight? Specify TourneSeal, our waterproofing solution. This is highly recommended for planters that will not have drain holes. We apply specific coatings to our FRP, GFRC, and Steel products, if requested. Follow our warranty requirements and perform a field test for watertightness after installation, before filling with media.

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Drain Holes

Whether installing planters on-structure or at grade, thoughtful attention to drainage will keep water and debris from collecting on non-permeable surfaces. We manufacture our GFRC and Steel planters standard with drain holes. For no additional cost, we can produce these planters without holes. Our FRP planters are manufactured without drain holes so they can be drilled as required in the field. We can add drain holes to FRP planters using our standard drain hole configuration at no additional cost. See chart for details.

Unique drainage configurations are available but outside of standard options. Speak to a Tournesol Advisor about specifying unique options for your project.

Drainage Configuration Chart


Toe Kick

Planters with toe kicks (reveals) are available in several standard sizes. In addition, some products may be configured to add a toe kick, such as Wilshire Planters in Steel. Toe kicks visually lift planters and draw attention away from uneven surfaces.

Contact a Tournesol Advisor for help with adding toe kicks to your next project.

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False Bottom

Reduce soil volume and weight in taller planters by adding false bottoms. The false bottom option provides a soil depth of 18”.

If other soil depths are needed, we can customize false bottoms to fit your project. We can also fill space with our lightweight VersiCell panels. Contact a Tournesol Advisor for help with your project.

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Tie Downs

Tie Downs are available for large planters to hold trees in place. These are available for planters in all our materials. Ties are added inside planters at the midpoint. Square planters use four, one in each corner, and round planters use three, spaced equally around the inner circumference. 

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Greenscreen Joins Tournesol

Welcome to Tournesol! Greenscreen® was acquired by Tournesol, enabling a mutual expansion of product offerings with integrated and innovative solutions for green infrastructure and urban greening.